Civil Technology


 Ken Flesher


Ken Flesher

Professor and Program Chair of Civil Technology

Concentration: Construction Management

"One of my favorite quotes is from Ghandi: 'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.' I try to never pass up an opportunity to learn something, while at the same time working in the community to help others." 

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 Agricultural Mechanization Faculty Tom March


Tom March

Professor of Agricultural Mechanization

"Try and head towards a career that utilizes your natural talents and what you enjoy, with an eye on the job market."

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 Robert Moynihan


Robert Moynihan PE, LLS

Professor of Civil Technology

Concentration: Surveying and Mapping

"The word 'survey' means 'seeing from above' in French"
"Having a perspective of the big picture is one secret to a good life"

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 Rich Vannozzi


A. Richard Vannozzi, PLS

Assistant Professor of Civil Technology

Concentration:  Surveying and Mapping

"Learning is not a step by step process, but rather it is about building a web of connections between what you already know, what you are learning and where you want to go."

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