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Community Leadership Diploma Program

An innovative opportunity for people interested in developing their community leadership and organizing skills is now available! The Diploma Program in Community Leadership is designed for part-time students, with or without post-secondary degrees, who want to enhance their expertise in such areas as fundraising, recruiting and supervising volunteers, facilitating meetings, speaking in public, organizing events, and creating newsletters. Students will combine academic inquiry and hands-on community outreach with intensive skill development.

This Diploma Program prepares individuals, who are either already experienced community workers or who are considering a career change, for entry-level supervisory positions such as volunteer coordinator, grant-writer, services advocate, public relations and marketing assistant, community organizer, and lobbyist. Upon admission, credits earned are also transferable to UNH's Thompson School of Applied Science's Associate Degree program in Community Leadership and to other undergraduate programs.

Course Requirements

The Diploma Program consists of a minimum of 24 credit hours of core and elective courses from the following list:

Core Requirements:

CSL 402 Introduction to Non-Profit Organizations, 4 cr.
CSL 403 Organizing and Supervising Volunteers, 4 cr.
CSL 404 Managing Change and Conflict in Communities, 4 cr.
CSL 405 Communication within Communities, 4 cr.


CSL 401 Introduction to Community Service and Leadership, 4 cr.
CSL 407 Intro. to Non-Profit Budgeting and Accounting Practices, 3 cr.
CSL 490 Civic and Community Internship, 1-4 cr.
CSL 508 Essentials of Fundraising for Community-Based Organizations, 2 cr.
CSL 509 Essentials of Grant Writing for Community-Based Organizations, 2 cr.
SSCI 201 Human Relations, 4 cr.
CEP 415  Community Development and Perspectives, 4 cr.

Admission Requirements

Applications for admission to this Diploma Program are reviewed by Community Leadership (CoLead) faculty and the TSAS Assistant Director of Admissions. Admission is based upon a student's demonstrated interest in the field, prior experience working with a community organization as either a volunteer or employee, and academic promise. Each student, once accepted, will have a faculty advisor who will assist with course selection and service projects. Students can register through Continuing Education.

Application Procedures

  • Currently enrolled UNH students should complete and return the application form before taking a third course in the program (at the latest).  Students may be enrolled concurrently in these courses while they are submitting their application for acceptance into the Diploma Program.
  • Non-UNH applicants need to complete and return application form with a $25 non-refundable application fee.  Checks should be made payable to UNH. The application fee is waived for currently enrolled UNH students.
  • Non-UNH Applicants must also request that their official transcripts from high school, GED equivalency, and any college programs be sent to Diploma Programs, Attention Senior Administrative Assistant, Thompson School of Applied Science, 34 Sage Way, Durham, NH  03824.
  • An interview with the TSAS Assistant Director of Admissions is strongly suggested.  Please contact Deb Pack at (603) 862-1025 to set up an interview.
  • Please inform the TSAS Admissions Office and/or the CoLead Program Chairperson if you are applying to the Diploma Program through one of the established partnership agreements with City Year NH, etc.

>> UNH Student Diploma Program Application

>> Non-UNH Diploma Program Application

Transfer Credits

Due to the small number of courses required for the diploma, normally only one course will be accepted in transfer from other colleges. This course must be similar in content to a required/elective diploma course and must have been completed with a grade of "C (2.00) or better. 

For more information, please see this document: Diploma Program in Community Leadership


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