Community Leadership

Community Leadership Curriculum

Our program attracts a diverse student body—from those who have just graduated high school to non-profit organization staff, town officials, environmental activists, and community organizers.

First year, Fall Semester

COM 209 Expository Writing and Reading, 4 cr.
CSL 401 Introduction to Community Service and Leadership, 4 cr.
CSL 405 Communication within Communities, 4 cr.
CoLead student MTH 202 College Algebra 3 cr.
TSAS 205 Computers in the Workplace, 2 cr.

First year, Spring Semester

COM 210 Public Speaking, 2 cr.
CSL 402 Introduction to Non-Profit Organizations, 4 cr.
CSL 403 Organizing and Supervising Volunteers, 4 cr.
SSCI 201 Human Relations, 4 cr.  - OR - similar elective*
SSCI 202 Social Issues, 4 cr. - OR - similar elective*
Participation in UNH Leadership Program

Second year, Fall Semester

CEP 415 Community Development, 4 cr.  -OR- similar elective*
COM 211 Critical Reading, 2 cr.
CSL 407 Intro. to Nonprofit Budgeting and Accounting Practices, 3 cr.
CSL 490 Civic and Community Internship, 4 cr.
CSL 508 Essentials of Fundraising for Community-Based Orgs., 2 cr.

Second year, Second Semester

CSL 210 Community Leadership Capstone Seminar, 4 cr.
CSL 404 Managing Change and Conflict in Communities, 4 cr.
CSL 406 Literature of Family and Community, 4 cr.
CSL 509 Essentials of Grant Writing for Community-Based Organizations, 2 cr.
Elective, 4 cr.

Total: 64-68 credits
Program information subject to change

*All similar electives must be determined with an Academic Advisor