Associate in Applied Science Degree Requirements

To graduate with an associate in applied science degree, a student must complete specified coursework in general education, technical specialization, and general electives (see the following section), with an overall grade-point average of no less than 2.0. In addition, students must earn the minimum number of total credits required for each specialization, no fewer than 64. 

General Educationtsas

These are courses designed for personal and professional development with special emphasis on the ability to think critically, to communicate effectively, to understand computer technology, and to process quantitative data. In addition, they serve to acquaint the student with some of the major modes of thought necessary to understand oneself, others, society, and the environment.

In this area a student must complete: 

  • one course in computer literacy (minimum of one credit hour);
  • one course in mathematics (minimum of three credit hours);
  • two to three courses in communications, to include COM 209, Expository Writing and Reading, plus elective(s) for a minimum of six credit hours;
  • two to three courses in social sciences, the arts, or the humanities, to include either SSCI 201, Human  Relations, or SSCI 202, Social Issues, plus an elective (minimum of six credit hours).

General Education Course Descriptions:

Agricultural Mechanization
Social Science

Technical Specialization

These are courses designed to develop the necessary scientific knowledge, technical skills, and practical experience required for employment in a professional discipline. Each student must complete all technical courses specified in the selected program of study.

See the following Programs of Study sections for more detailed information on course requirements and descriptions for each program.

General Electives

This component of the degree program allows the individual to pursue courses of personal or professional interest. In this area, a student may choose a number of courses in each program of study specified as electives. These may be chosen from courses offered by the Thompson School or from other selected University undergraduate courses with adviser and administrative approval.