Applied Business Management


ABM Faculty Ben Fowler 


Rev. Dr. Benjamin P. Fowler, D.Min.

Associate Professor of Applied Business Management

"It is my goal to teach attitude as much as to teach knowledge.  To learn that it is possible to accomplish anything with the right attitude is to put the world at your feet."

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David Tooch


David Tooch

Professor of Applied Business Management, (Retiring May 2015 after 30 years of service.)

"It's not about finding a job - it's all about finding a career that matches up with your passion!  A degree in business plugs into any career.  We will teach you the basics of business and help you find that career that will lead to a happy, fun and successful life!"

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 Steve Tuttle


 Steve Tuttle

Associate Professor of Applied Business Management and Program Chair, (Retiring May 2015 after 34 years of service.)

"Until someone takes a risk, provides a product or service and makes a profit, there can be no employment, charity, taxes or government programs.  The entrepreneur is the engine that drives all things economic."

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