Applied Animal Science Program

Dairy Management

The dairy industry in New England is a highly technical field that requires employees, managers, and support staff to be experienced in many aspects of dairy farm operation and management. Students who choose the Dairy Management concentration will be well prepared for the industry’s rapidly evolving challenges and opportunities.

The program of study offers a firm foundation in the science and business of dairy farming through field exercises in land management, forage production, dairy herd decision making, computer use, ration balancing, disease identification and treatment and cattle selection.

Collaboration is a hallmark of this program. Through CREAM (Cooperative Real Education in Agricultural Management), students collectively manage the UNH dairy herd, which produces 100,000 gallons of milk a year.

The Dairy Management concentration is flexible enough to allow students to prepare for careers directly on the farm, or for careers in related businesses. Excellent job opportunities abound for students as herdspersons, farm managers, crop managers, sales, service employees, and agricultural information technicians.