In the Culinary Arts concentration you will:

  • Develop practical skills
  • Cook in on-site facilities
  • Become a professional in a high demand career
  • Study a wide range of topics from classical culinary cuisines to culinary nutrition
  • Participate in a summer work experience
  • Practice what you learn in our on-site restaurant 180 Blue
  • Earn industry-recognized certifications
  • Have the option to continue your studies in a four year program at UNH
  • Experience a balance of classroom learning complemented by application in real work settings where you interact with the public

In the Dietetic Technician concentration you will:

  • Become a credentialed dietetics professional
  • Participate in over 450 hours of supervised practice
  • Practice hands-on cooking skills in Stacey's Express restaurant
  • Have professional dietetic practitioners serve as preceptors during your supervised practice
  • Experience a balance of classroom learning with real world applications
  • Attend a professional meeting
  • Be prepared to sit for the Dietetic Technician registration exam
  • Have the option to continue your studies in a four year program at UNH

Admissions Requirements:

Dietetic Technicians: Applicants to the DT concentration must present one course in biology and two years of college preparatory mathematics.  One year of preparatory Chemistry is also highly recommended.

Culinary Arts:  Applicants to the CA concentration must present two years of college preparatory mathematics.

Food Service Management is now Culinary Arts and Nutrition!

In our hands-on program you'll become immersed in your field of study, learning the practical skills necessary for a career in the Culinary Arts and Nutrition field.   With two concentrations, Culinary Arts and Dietetic Technician, you can focus your degree from day one, preparing for a career you can be passionate about, or, after graduation, use the opportunity of being at UNH to advance your education to the next level with a complementary Baccalaureate degree.

Dietetic Technician students complete supervised practices with professionals in the field, learning to develop and teach health education classes, treat and prevent disease, and conduct nutrient analysis. 

Culinary Arts students learn by doing, cooking complete meals from American Regional and International Cuisine for the public in our restaurant, 180 Blue.  In class and in lab, they learn about menu development, cost controls, and nutrition.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Come visit us and explore what our program can do for you!